woensdag 23 juni 2010

Joran van der Sloot and his history of lies

Joran Van der Sloot is up to his old tricks again…not that he ever stopped. For 5 long years he has told his tall tales, allegedly lying to Aruban police in 2005 when arrested and interrogated in the disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway during her high school trip in Aruba. Police back then couldn’t pin down Van der Sloot, who told multiple conflicting stories.

Joran van der Sloot
Then when he was finally released from custody and charges were dropped, the Dutch playboy then merrily went along his way to university in Holland, hoping to shake the bad taste of an investigation that would haunt him for the next 5 years. Rather than succeeding in school, straightening out his life and being grateful for narrowly missing a conviction for murder, Van der Sloot continued his old habits – partying, drinking, smoking marijuana, gambling, dropping out of school – until he was caught by surprise in an undercover taped interview telling yet another version of what happened the night Natalee Holloway vanished.

This time he confesses to friend that she died in front of him on the beach after a series of inexplicable convulsions, and then he and an accomplice disposed of her body in the ocean. Surprise, just days later, when the tape became public, Van der Sloot retracts his confession. Nearly two years after the undercover video, Van der Sloot voluntarily submits to a polygraph test and taped interrogation, where he tells the tale of Holloway falling off a balcony of a friend’s house after a night of cocaine-driven partying. He claims she fell to her death by accident and he and a friend disposed of her body in a swamp.

Then there is the tragic and unexpected death of his father, a character long alleged to be Joran Van der Sloot’s “accomplice after the fact.” His sudden heart attack on a tennis court in Aruba devastated young Joran Van der Sloot, according to his mother Anita, who now after weeks of silence, speaks out to a Dutch newspaper. She describes a troubled son, who blamed himself for the death of his father and who was spiraling out of control. She also claims that her son’s mental health issues caused her to commit her son to a mental clinic, but that Joran ran off to Peru just two days before he was to be taken to the mental clinic.

But the lies, the public now has learned, started well before Holloway’s disappearance. When Van der Sloot was just a young high school student, he told complicated lies and stories, according to one ex-girlfriend who spoke out to ABC news. Melody Granadillo says she dated Van der Sloot for 7 months and finally broke up with him because he told so many stories and lies and she caught him cheating on her.

And now in the last month, he’s allegedly told even more lies…beginning with lying to Holloways mother. In order to scam Beth Holloway out of $250,000, he told her another lie about where her daughter’s body was buried, according to federal prosecutors and the FBI. And now, he confesses to murdering young Peruvian girl Stephany Flores, but in typical Van der Sloot style, he recants his confession, claiming he was “tricked.” Now he is even saying that the FBI “lured” him to Peru and set up the entire murder of Stephany Flores. He says its all a set up! It’s a huge conspiracy!


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