dinsdag 22 juni 2010

NEW CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: Inside the Room Where Joran Van Der Sloot Left Woman Dead

NEW CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: Inside the Room Where Joran Van Der Sloot Left Woman Dead

The most chilling is a blood-soaked sheet that is seen lying discarded on the floor with a heavy patch of blood in one particular area. The new crime scene photos were obtained by CBS News.

In another photo, some flowers chillingly sit on top of a side table alongside a television with a side chair and a fan also in view. Disturbingly, some rubbish is scattered underneath the table which also has some police markers on it which could indicate blood, DNA or finger-prints.

The final image has a pink harrow pointing to a mattress stain with a lot of rubbish discarded on the floor which may have happened after a violent struggle.

A source told “These are official police photographs from the crime scene, so, the arrow and the markers indicate areas that the investigators have ‘homed-in on’ for one reason or another.

“With the amount of blood on the sheet and the way the room is trashed, it certainly looks like some violent struggle has taken place inside that room.

“The evidence secured from this area will be crucial in any case being built against Joran van der Sloot.” previously showed the images of Joran van der Sloot’s blood soaked shirt that he was wearing while he allegedly killed Ramirez in the hotel room – another photo shows the victim’s tennis shoe covered in blood.

The exclusive photographs obtained by are graphic proof of the violence of the crime and offer a look inside of van der Sloot’s room where the murder happened.

Perhaps the most powerful image is the shirt Joran was wearing while he allegedly committed the murder. These are official crime scene photos and the shirt is soaked with blood that officials say matches Stephany’s blood type. The back of the shirt and collar are drenched in blood, which is also speckled on the front.

Van der Sloot says he hit Stephany in the nose before he killed her.

In one photo taken at the crime scene, a police evidence marker can clearly be seen on a dresser that also holds two cups of coffee and tickets to the Atlantic City casino where van der Sloot and Stephany met.

Van der Sloot, long a suspect in the disappearance and presumed death of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005, has confessed to Stephany’s murder and is being held in Peru.

He has since recanted his confession, claiming he was coerced by police in Peru.

The cups of coffee are significant because he was seen leaving the hotel room and returning with two cups of coffee. The question is when was Stephany killed and if Joran was trying to establish an alibi with the two coffee cups, or did he kill her after returning with the coffee cups.

Stephany's blue tennis shoes with white laces are covered with blood.

Other photos show a Nike shirt belonging to the victim and her blue jeans.

Joran Van Der Sloot Confesses To Murder

In another photo, Stephany’s objects are lined up, including a cell phone, two lighters and pen and a wallet. also has photos of van der Sloot’s objects that were seized including a shirt, camera, cell phone, charger and watch.


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