zaterdag 10 juli 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot Trying To Use Legal Loophole To Get Out Of Jail

Lawyers for suspected killer Joran van der Sloot are trying to take advantage of a Peruvian legal loophole to get him sprung out of jail, can reveal.

Although the 22-year-old Dutch national confessed to killing Stephany Flores Ramirez, 21, they are requesting that he be released from prison while he fights the charges.

His defense has appealed the arrest warrant that the Peruvian justice issued to jail van der Sloot at the maximum security prison Miguel Castro Castro, where he is being housed.

In Peru, all lawyers make this appeal for their defendants, trying to obtain what Peruvian law calls mandato de comparecencia, meaning defendants are set free, but need to stay in Lima and attend court every week or house arrest.

Van der Sloot's appeal will be evaluated by the court in the next few days, although Peruvian legal experts believe that it is likely that it will be denied.

While van der sloot confessed to murdering Flores Ramirez, he later recanted, and has not publicly commented on the charges. He remains a suspect in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba back in May of 2005, although he has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

He has been receiving regular visits from a mystery female at the notorious Miguel Castro Castro prison, and can also reveal that he has been inundated with romantic proposals from other women too.

Van der Sloot was slated to undergo more psychological testing in the prison this week.

According to, a team of experts were to visit the accused killer Tuesday and Wednesday as part of the criminal proceedings unfolding against the Dutchman. Van der Sloot's Peruvian attorney said that the defense will submit their own psychological profiles on him, dating back to his childhood.

As previously reported, a forensic psychologist who examined van der Sloot late last month concluded the accused killer is sane, but "devalues the female figure."

Van der Sloot is accused of killing student Stephany Flores Ramirez May 30, 2010 in a blood splattered Peru Hotel room after she allegedly looked at his computer, and saw emails related to the Holloway disappearance.


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